How do I know if my dog/cat needs a treatment?

Dog and cat owners see Jess for a variety of reasons, but mainly directly as a result of veterinary referral. However, some working dogs, show dogs and agility dogs are seen regularly to ensure they are able to perform their job as effectively and comfortably as possible.

Symptoms that may show that your dog/cat could benefit from a treatment  include:

  • Difficulty in jumping into cars or climbing stairs

  • Showing discomfort or crying out when stroked along their backs

  • Crying out when getting up

  • A reluctance to play or exercise

  • An abnormal posture

  • A change in behaviour such as snapping when being stroked, or an unwillingness to sit or lie down

  • Signs of muscle atrophy (wasting) or an over development of a particular muscular area e.g. the shoulder on one side

  • A deterioration in performance in working and competition dogs

  • Assistance in maintaining mobility with an aging dog/cat

  • Rehabilitation following surgery or accident

  • Some lameness issues (following veterinary diagnosis of the lameness)

Any of the above symptoms may signify that your dog/cat would benefit from a treatment. Remember to always check with your vet first if you have any concerns about your pet's health. By law, any non veterinary therapist has to have veterinary permission before they treat your animal.