The Treatment

Jess uses a combination of therapies depending on the nature of the problem your animal has, and the way they react to the specific therapies. Every treatment is different and is tailored specifically for your animal, and your requirements.

For example, a pre-competition check on a horse would contain a significant proportion of massage, mobilisation and stretching routines, possibly with some pulsed electromagnetic therapy as well to ensure that the horse is as supple, flexible and musculoskeletally prepared for the athletic effort required at the competition.

A cat who had been referred following a fight/injury would typically receive a very gentle Mctimoney treatment to restore mobility and flexibility of the spine, alongside some relaxation techniques to calm the cat if it was anxious about the treatment.

More details about the therapies Jess uses and their benefits are listed here. The FAQ page may also answer some of your questions, if not, please do not hesitate to contact Jess on 07789 964181 or via the contacts page.