How can sports massage help my horse?

fulltricepsreleaseSports massage is used both during rehabilitation after an injury, or to help prevent injury occurring as a result of fatigue or strain. Minor muscle injuries can take up to 3 months before they become apparent (click here for symptoms which may indicate a muscle injury) by which time they may have caused a more serious injury.

Prompt treatment of small injuries can help prevent more serious issues occurring and can help your horse maintain optimum performance.

Massage can have the following benefits:

  • it increases the range of motion of the limbs
  • improves suppleness and flexibility
  • relaxes muscle spasm,
  • reduces and relieves muscle fibre adhesion
  • helps prevent further injury
  • maintains muscle tone
  • increases circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • relaxes and calms the horse
  • improves stamina

    It can be effectively used both pre and post competition to help the horse achieve its full potential. Stretching of soft tissue helps to prepare the muscles for strenuous activities, and improves endurance levels. It also helps the muscles recover more quickly from these activities, and helps speed repair of any damaged muscle tissue.

Equine sports massage works very effectively alongside McTimoney physical therapy to ensure that the horses body is best able to maintain the correct skeletal structural alignment to enable his muscles, ligaments and tendons to work to their full potential.

Both modalities look at the horse as a whole and aims to consider all possible causes for any loss of performance, change in character or pain.


Effective physical therapy to help promote optimum performance, health and soundness