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EYJ Eventing testimonial Jess HarknessJess Harkness has been such an important part of my team for so long I couldn’t imagine eventing without her.


I am a strong believer in good preparation to maximise performance and this comes down to making sure the horses are as soft, supple and straight both through their muscular and skeletal systems, this provides the best foundation to build on.


I believe in involving Jess from the start of the horses programme. The muscle tone on my team of horses has improved a lot since Jess has given them all regular treatments.


This has reflected in our results and our most successful season to date. Not only in good dressage scores but also into the jumping phases. Jess has a very good working rapport with the horses and excellent people skills. Her work ethic is very impressive, always restructuring her day to fit around the clients, this includes managing her family life around her work.


Emily Young Jamieson




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