Parsons Terrier and Beagle


I was fortunate enough to be referred, by my vet, to Jess after my young Parsons Terrier injured her back. Her quality of life was badly impaired and she could no longer go for walks or enjoy her normal active life. The prognosis did not appear great and I was genuinely concerned that she would be on significant pain relief for the remainder of her life.

However, her condition improved immediately following her first treatment with Jess and before long she had returned to complete health and her rough and tumble antics.

Since then, Jess has also treated my 13 year old beagle after he dramatically lost most of his mobility, virtually overnight. Again, his response to treatment was immediate and he is now trotting out for long walks everyday. Quite simply, he has been given a new lease of life.

I cannot recommend Jess's services highly enough and now regularly visit to keep my dogs 'tuned-up'. Fantastic - I just wish that Jess could also make them more obedient!


A. Keetley


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