Jess Harkness Back 2 Form testimonial CaninePryderi, the whippet cross who kept falling over


My thirteen year-old whippet cross, Pryderi, loves to run for miles across the downs, but recently injured his back and shoulder whilst walking on the Ridgeway.  I turned a corner to find him lying on the path, quite unable to stand up. 

My vet treated him with anti-inflammatories, and over the next couple of days, he learned to walk again, but would fall over onto his face every few steps as his front legs kept knuckling over. Pryderi was referred to Jess Harkness of Back 2 Form, and from that point, he hasn't looked back.  After his first treatment, he slept for twelve hours, and then demanded a walk - in the course of which he barely stumbled.  A week later, he was able to climb the stairs in my house again. 

After his second treatment, he has been almost completely restored to normal.  Although he clearly finds the treatment itself somewhat disconcerting, Pryderi submits to it because Jess establishes such a gentle rapport with her patients.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her. 

Before his treatment, I had thought that Pryderi had probably enjoyed his last day out on the downs; now he cavorts on White Horse Hill as happily as ever.


Dr G Watson


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