Jay, the dog who lost the use of his legs


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Our 11-year-old Labrador, Jay, injured his spine last autumn, over the course of a few days he became completely unable to stand, sit or walk unaided. He needed two of us to take him out into the garden and began to loose his appetite (a bad sign for any Lab!).

Our vet was unwilling to operate on him due to his age and recommended that we took him to Jess as a last resort. He had to be carried out of the car before his treatment. After two or three sessions, we began to see signs of slight movement returning to his front legs. After about four sessions, he was able to walk with a towel supporting his tummy and Jess recommended that we took him for hydrotherapy in addition to her treatment.

He has had regular sessions at the Dog Studio in Woolstone – on the first occasion he had to be winched into the pool but now he runs in and will go back for a second session if given a chance! He is able to go for long walks and is back to his normal happy and mischievous self!

Thank you so much Jess and the Dog Studio for getting him back to full fitness!


E Brooks


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