Sacroiliac Problem


Zola was fit and competing regularly when, after a sudden change in his behaviour when ridden, he was diagnosed with a suspected sacroiliac injury. The injury was considered chronic and the lameness was obvious after flexion testing. The prognosis for return to full athletic work was poor and it was more likely that he would retire from competition and riding aged only 10.

Not wanting to give up on him without a fight I explored treatment options and found that McTimoney Physical Therapy was a popular treatment for sacroiliac strains. After veterinary referral Jess began treating Zola and the improvement was immediate.

Jess created a programme for Zola which brought him into work slowly and under her guidance and regular treatments I began Zola's fittening work. The use of Jess' ActivoMed PEMT/Massage rug was a turning point in Zola's rehabilitation and ensured that his back was relaxed (and I had more chance on staying on!) when we began canter work.

Zola is now in full work and competing successfully at Novice BD and is even jumping again. He is fitter and stronger than ever and importantly sound.


L. Penaluna


Effective physical therapy to help promote optimum performance, health and soundness