Zac, the rescue dog


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Jess has been treating my dog, Zac , for several years. Zac had several factors likely to lead to musculoskeletal  problems: mild-moderate hip dysplasia, he broke his ankle, and had a recurrent sprain on one front foot.  He has sometimes developed a slightly skewed walk (maybe from protecting his worst hip) – which disappeared after Jess’s treatment.

Given the physical background, you might have expected severe problems as Zac got older – but, age 13, with mild arthritis, he is more active than many dogs half his age.

Good clinical skills aren’t all we needed because Zac was a rescue dog who snapped at people! I was highly impressed by Jess’s manner from him from the start – she was neither threatening to him nor over-cautious. She let him make the first approach, she gave him time between manipulations, and took the treatment slowly in the early days.

To this day, Jess is one of Zac’s favourite people. What’s more, she has always been reliable and friendly.


J. Brosnan


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