“Good clinical skills aren’t all we needed because Zac was a rescue dog who snapped at people! I was highly impressed by Jess’s manner from him from the start – she was neither threatening to him nor over-cautious. She let him make the first approach, she gave him time between manipulations, and took the treatment slowly in the early days”. J. Brosnan

“Thanks for doing Puzzle my daughter thinks she is a different pony.. 3rd show jumping on Sunday and a double clear in the bigger class... much more relaxed in her canter work. Thanks very much for working on her”. C.Warner

 “Jess was very careful and gentle with the cat, he almost looked like it was a relief to get this treatment….Apart from a runny tummy for about a day, the cat showed immediate improvement. He walked more straight, and his tail was more upright instead of the lop sided way it was hanging before”. L.Stulting

 “She listens attentively, questions carefully and then fixes the problem, on anything from a 3* eventer, dressage diva, retired pony, or the hunter!... I highly recommend her”. N.Carmichael

“Her consistent approach quickly identifies symptoms and potential causes that may be affecting the performance of a horse and treatment is applied accordingly, in a sensitive manner, producing positive results”. C.Hall, Event Rider

“Just want to say a big thank you for your treatment on Bel, I can't believe the difference it has made, she can flex her neck in both directions & has gone from leaning on me so hard my arms ached, to actually being quite light in the mouth, I really can't believe the difference in her, it is now a pleasure to school her. Thank you” C. Haley


Effective physical therapy to help promote optimum performance, health and soundness